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Denkiri Centre | Astraios Colony | Captain's Log
Stardate 220517

I kept a smattering of journals when this all began. I'd come for a visit to Astraios, and been welcomed. I'd been given a tour - a tour that barely scratched the surface of the amazing rebuild here. The Colony had been moved from its original position over a year ago. It now sits on a plain a little further south. I miss seeing the hills, but the land here is very lush. There are beautiful gardens, and such a sense of openness.

When I first arrived they'd shown me very suitable and lovely quarters on the refitted SS Astraios, but every time I beamed down to the planet surface, I really didn't want to go back. For most of my twelve years in Starfleet I have served on stations and ships, and been away from any home base for extended periods of time. I miss being in nature.

The eager faces of old friends, the smiles and welcomes, reminded me how much Astraios had meant to me when I was a fledgling Ensign, just out of Academy, assigned to some distant colony in a different quadrant. Talk about strange new worlds.

I'd felt... shy in Academy. I was unused to being closed in classrooms and simulators, and unused to having so many people around. There were voices calling in the halls and laughter as people left the sessions. I wondered if I would ever fit in. I actually stayed in Academy for an extra year just for that reason. More than the education and knowledge, I needed to understand how humans and other humanoids related to each other. When I came to Astraios, there was so much work to do, and so few people to do it, and so many issues with the environment and the planet herself, that we drew closer together, united in the challenge. And we went out into the villages and towns, attending social events, introducing ourselves... I made friendships then that have lasted to this day.

Visiting here, talking to people, feeling again that sense of community, of welcome, of belonging, rejuvenated me. Listening to others talk about their ideas, their visions... ignited mine. I came up with the idea that perhaps I might start a ship-of-the-line here, but not a grand starship, or space station... but a lovely ground facility.

It was a chat over coffee, at the small cafe that sits outside the Starfleet Astraios Welcome Centre, where I met Rachel Pfefferi and Han BoShi for the first time, that was the catalyst for the vision that followed.

I went back to my quarters and got out my PADD and began to brainstorm. Somewhere along the line, I looked up some things in LCARS and that led me to research the words, 'centre for creativity.' I wrote several pages on the idea, what this centre might look like, what its philosophy might be.

I contacted Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko, my former Number One on USS Taylorholic Durant, now my Captain on the same ship, where I remained on the manifest although frequently away. I tossed some ideas at her and she, as always, was supportive and thoughtful in her replies. The next step was to apply to Starfleet Fleet Operations for approval of a possible SotL; I was granted runabout status. Captain Kem Vala of SS Astraios, kindly offered to support the new vessel as sponsor.

I could then meet and discuss ideas and concepts with friends and potential crew. The vision grew clearer as I listened to thoughts and perspectives from the stalwart officers who choose to live and work on the frontier of known space in the Gamma Quadrant.

We began to have brainstorming sessions dubbed ‘Mind Melds’ by Lazuli Pookara. We opened an Art Gallery and began to plan exhibits. I came up with the idea of a lecture series called, ‘Boldly Go Trekking.’ Ideas and suggestions swirled around us.

And finally, on stardate 220512, the UFS Chief of Staff commissioned the new Denkiri Centre for Creativity (Denkiri CC). At my talk on Creative Thinking three days later, I was able to introduce myself as the CO of this new entity.

Each step I have taken forward has been encouraged and fostered by my friends and associates at Astraios as well as the Chief of Staff and the Commander-in-Chief of United Federation Starfleet. I am immensely grateful for their support.

No vision can come to fruition without the energy and enthusiasm provided by the people around you. I have been blessed, many times over in UFS, to have that. From my crews, from my staff, from my colleagues, and from my friends.

A new day dawns. I will shortly take the run I always take at 0430 hours, to the groans and complaints of my bodyguards. I will circle the Colony, note what has been completed since the last day’s run: ...that building finally painted… that garden now sprouting… the scaffolding removed from that tower. I will marvel again at the ingenuity which is creating technology unique to the challenges of this near-sentient planet. Then, after a quick shower and breakfast, I will take my PADD to the garden near the Denkiri Centre. And begin.

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