Exoarchaeomusicology of the Ancient Astra

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=Denkiri is researching Star Trek canon, Icelandic & Scandinavian archaeology & anthropology, the linguistics of Old Norse & associated languages, and SS Astraios RP logs, as a creative interdisciplinary & collaborative project established as an enjoyable OOC activity for our crew. We will occasionally be posting our 'findings' on the forum or perhaps develop an history class or two for UFS Academy.=

Stardate 220907: Sounds

In studying the language of the Ancient Astra one comes across fragments of text. This is both exciting and frustrating as, without a larger context, you are only seeing a tiny remnant of the greater story or poem. One wonders if the few words one sees are part of a letter, a book, or possibly a song. If one were to look at, say, the history of music on Earth, in the Alpha Quadrant, there was little hint of how the earliest music was composed or played by humans millennia ago - but ancient instruments have been discovered by Terran archeologists which give some clues. In examining these artifacts and constructing computer models of the same, it is possible to at least make an educated guess as to how an instrument sounded when played.

As we look for the archeological artifacts left behind here to intrigue us with their mystery, it is likely we will find drawings or paintings showing the use of instruments. And we may, tantalizingly, discover fragile leavings of ancient flutes or horns, played by the Children of Vaggästra around the fires under their beloved aptanstjarna

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