UPCOMING: Mind Meld [Tue 19th, Fri 22]

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Mind Meld sessions will be held this week:
Tuesday July 19th, 10:30am Pacific (SLT/3RG)
Friday July 22nd, 2200 (10pm) Pacific (SLT/3RG)

at the Denkiri Cafe, Astraios Colony (3rd Rock Grid)

Smart Shoes
https://scitechdaily.com/smart-textiles ... re-moving/

Demon Eggs
https://scitechdaily.com/controversial- ... s-of-doom/
https://scitechdaily.com/ancient-protei ... ess-birds/

"Mild Meld is a meeting of minds, a playful tossing out of ideas, silly and serious... the wilder the better... no idea is criticized. We may find that that wild idea and this crazy thought meld together into something really cool, or we may just have collective coffee and rambunctious fellowship. It's all good." As Gene Roddenberry said: "To be different is not necessarily to be ugly; to have a different idea is not necessarily to be wrong. The worst possible thing is for all of us to begin to look and talk and act and think alike."


1) sign up for an account on 3rd Rock Grid - https://www.3rdrockgrid.com/create-your-avatar (make sure to indicate "Starfleet" in the message area). Wait to receive the approval email (allow 48 hours), this email will include your password.
2) download Firestorm Viewer for Open Sim. Log into 3rd Rock Grid with your avatar name and the provided password.
3) Look for the UF Starfleet Astraios sign at 3rd Rock Grid welcome. Click on it to travel instantly to the Colony.
4) Ask Alia Soulstar, Dolfke Barbosa, Ellemir Maven, or Poison Toocool for assistance.

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