UPCOMING: "Mind Meld" [Tue 1030, Fri 2230]

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Is it possible to apply Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a United Federation of planets to the world today? Or at least, that part of the world, or community, in which we have influence?

That is just one topic that might come up at a new event, called - appropriately enough for a Trekker - ‘Mind Meld’. “I thought it would be neat,” said Toocool, who is a long-time Command officer with United Federation Starfleet, “to get people together to talk about Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, the various shows and movies, but lots more. There’s so much creativity on Open Sim. I’d like to gather artists, creators, builders, composers, designers, and musicians together in one place to brainstorm ideas, come up with projects, talk about what folks are working on, or discuss ways to reach out and connect with others on the hypergrid.”

Hosted by Toocool at the UF Starfleet Astraios Colony on 3rd Rock Grid, the ‘Mind Meld’ sessions will happen every couple of weeks, at two different times to hopefully allow people from various time zones to pop in.

“Denkiri is a center for creativity and innovation at Astraios,” added Toocool. “A place where our members can build, design, or invent new things… work on individual or team projects… contribute to the OS environment, help others, or just share their ideas in a positive atmosphere.”

‘Mind Meld’ will be held in the Denkiri Cafe, 3rd Rock Grid, Tuesday May 24th at 10:30am Pacific/3RG time; and Friday May 27th at 10:30PM (2230 hrs). Dress is casual. All are welcome to attend.


1) sign up for an account on 3rd Rock Grid - https://www.3rdrockgrid.com/create-your-avatar (make sure to indicate "Starfleet" in the message area). Wait to receive the approval email (allow 48 hours), this email will include your password.
2) download Firestorm Viewer for Open Sim. Log into 3rd Rock Grid with your avatar name and the provided password.
3) Look for the UF Starfleet Astraios sign at 3rd Rock Grid welcome. Click on it to travel instantly to the Colony.
4) Ask Kem Vala, Alia Soulstar, Dolfke Barbosa, Ellemir Maven, or Poison Toocool for assistance.

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