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Computer On-line
Running Diagnostics.................. Complete
No anomalies detected

Overseer Logbook open

Starting personal log:


*Background sound of a lighter flicking the flame on and the overseer puffing on a cigar*

*He takes a long pull then exhales*

I've been here just over a month and it's been a shitshow since day one. 35 years of dedicated service to the Sendai Corp Military Services earning me the rank of Colonel and multiple citations and awards. I transfer to Administration services and where do they send me...... fraking Charon's Beacon. A ;mission' critical mutt of a space station at the behind end of space.

To make the situation better I have representative from two partner corporations to oversee their own investments here. More like looking over their own interests. I don't trust that Apolez as far as I can throw him. Leilana at least is easy on the eyes. Even the mysterious Duchess has her own agenda, but she is sweet to me, so I'm not complaining. Now there is a new player in the game, some small-time shipping corp led by a Ms. Calypso. She is an Orion I actually like so far.

Aside from the maintenance nightmare, unreliable resupply, and all kinds of new arrivals there isn't much else to complain about.

*Take another long pull of his cigar*

Scratch that. There is another complaint. A Romulan Commander came by, demanding to see me. He had the audacity to infer I was running pirates from the Beacon or was ignorant to them. I did everything I could to antagonize him. I can't stand the type. They try to use fear and veiled threats to intimidate others. I sent him on his way none too happy, but I doubt it's the last Romulan we shall see. He did have one interesting point though. It appears there are more missing ships in the trade lane leading to and from the Beacon.

I don't have the resources to investigate directly, but perhaps I might be able to recruit some. I also have to weigh the fact that someone on the Beacon may be informing for them.

This is not how I imagined I'd be spending the end of my career.

Computer end log

.............recording stopped

Log saved and closed

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