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Personal Log - Thomas Baker

Posted: 210530.2009
by Tom1baker Resident
Personal Log - Stardate 210530.

Today was my first mission aboard the USS Magellan, and what was supposed to be a routine, delivery mission turned out to be, ah, a pause, eventful.

After some bridge duty as we left to deliver supplies, I ended up dealing with an ensign who was almost staring death in the face. I knew what I was signing up for as a member of Starfleet Medical, but her pain-- I might have to talk with my psychiatrist about getting my medication dosage increased.

I didn't expect to be walking into a combat encounter on my first mission, much less a medical emergency of that scale, but it happened, and I'm going to adapt. If this is what I'm going to get out of every mission, I need to learn to handle the stress.

End log.
Ensign Thomas Baker