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Riktor Lombardia Personal Log
Location: Personal Quarters

Riktor enters his quarters he plops down on a nearby chair and opens the flap of his new science officer uniform. They had just finished part of a holodeck program designed as a team building exercise but secretly he wondered if it was meant to test one's patients and ability to preform under extreme frustration.

"Bajoran Deka tea, hot" He called out as he stood.

Riktor changed out of his duty uniform and put it away for his next duty shift. Finally settled in, he goes over to retrieve his tea.

=^= Computer, begin Personal Log =^=

**Computer**: You have 2 new messages from Lombardia, Richard and Lombardia, Emerald

"Understood, those can wait. Begin Recording"

**Computer**: Now recording

My first assignment as a member of the USS Magellan involved a holodeck simulation with several quests that would test a wide variety of skills. The first quest involved finding the correct robot while avoiding the various traps and dangers. I managed to complete this quest relatively easy compared to the second quest.

The second quest involved finding three parts used to repair a circuit board system but we had a time limit. The number of traps were numerous and finding the right parts involved destroying all kind of devices to locate what was needed. I spent a bulk of my time on this quest and was 'killed' so many times , even my father would be impressed. I was finally able to complete the quest. It seems we shall finish the remaining 3 some time next week.

In the meantime I have completed my classes on lab safety and tricorder functions. I will make time tomorrow to visit the science lab and see what the other science officers are planning to do. I look forward to future events.

Computer end log.

**Computer**: Recording has stopped. Log has been saved.

Computer, play first message.

**Computer**: Playing message from Lombardia, Richard

Riktor sips his tea as his father rattles off about his new executive officer position and the mounting work he had at the academy. As much as he misses his ship it sounds like his father was having a blast. At least I know something else will kill him before the stress does. *Riktor smiled to himself*

"Computer, set reminder to reply and play next message."

**Computer**: Reminder set. Playing message from Lombardia, Emerald

Riktor finishes his tea as he hears his mother's heart-felt message about how proud she is of him and to be careful as his father might have infinite lives but he does not. Riktor waits for the conclusion of the message before standing and putting his cup into the replicator for dematerialization.

"Computer, set reminder to reply.

**Computer**: Reminder set.

Riktor was exhausted an would send his replies in the morning. Now, it was time for bed.
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