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Magellan Mission 202118

Posted: 210801.1608
by Kalliebirdsong Resident
Mission Log. from the desk of Commander Gabriella Santana, Chief of Security.

As we continue our journey home, we will make use the emptiness of this sector of space for some much needed repairs and upgrades, as well as a bit of downtime for the crew, as we await the rendezvous with the Captain's shuttle. She has been missed and her return will be a welcome one. We are scheduled to rendezvous at 1800 hours, at the predetermined coordinates. At the return of the captain, we will maintain our course and continue our journey home, for repairs and resupply.

Location: USS Magellan
Time: 5:45pm SLT
Stardate: 202118

Duty Uniforms as per regulation. duties this evening.
Science: run diagnostics on all systems, and monitor external scans
Medical: run complete diagnostics on all medical systems, and submit a full inventory of equipment to the quartermaster.
Operations: continue to the rendezvous coordinates and monitor communications
Security: security drills for all decks. full diagnostic of tactical systems.
Engineering: complete all repairs possible at this time, run full diagnostics of mechanical systems.