Magellan Mission 2021257

The USS Magellan is a reboot of the Magellan Runabout program. Our main mission objectives will be exploration, intelligence gathering, and diplomacy.

Our ship mission times will be 5:45pm SLT to 8:00pm SLT with a crew after mission lounge and chat for any interested.

Roleplay Times:
Commanding Officer:
Executive Officer: Vacant

Moderator: Phoenix Finistair

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Magellan Mission Log 2021257

Location: USS Magellan, Conferance Room
Time: 5:45 pm SLT
Uniform: Duty

The USS Magellan has been contacted by the government of the Cinai Systems Alliance, to assist in the recovery of a small vessel that went missing near their border. The Cinai possess limited warp and are unable to reach the vessels last known location in a timely manner. As we are passing through on our journey home, we will offer aid as we are able.
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