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Magellan MM-007

Posted: 210603.1229
by Zimri Zapatero

Mission Name: UFS Escort Service
Stardate: 053021
Prepared by: Alexander Zapatero

We have been given orders to escort a shipment of unknown origin to a potential member to the Federation. UFS Command has been made aware of the ship content and have deemed them safe for travel. Our destination is to a race of people pronounced "Ruff'blem" (Rough-Bleck-mm). This race of people live on a planet not far from our current position. Not much is known of this race. In an effort to improve diplomatic relations, Ruff'blem ambassadors have suggested this transport to UFS Command to their planet as a wave of good gesture in consideration for entering into the Federation. UFS Command has assigned the USS Magellan for this task. It would be important to ensure this shipment arrives safely to the Ruff'blem homeworld.


Location: Leaving the Nekrit Expanse, Entering the Midgar Sector, two-one-four-six mark seventy one. Steady at Warp 4.

To escort a cargo shipment to the Ruff'blem homeworld, undamaged.

Alert Status: Green
Damage: Green

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)

Operations: Helm Operations and its protocol is to navigate the ship to the Ruff'blem homeworld. While we are not on a tight schedule, our cargo is of extreme importance to Starfleet and the Ruff'blem planet. We should not tally and keep them waiting long.

Science: Not much is known about this sector and the planet we are headed to. Keep a lookout for any distortions or anomalies we could encounter. It is all standard protocol but just to be on the safe side.

Security: As previously mentioned, we are about to enter the Midgar sector which is, for the most part, largely unexplored. Be on the lookout for anything suspicious. We don't really expect anything hostile but we were given orders to protect our cargo by all costs necessary.

Re: Magellan MM-007

Posted: 210603.1233
by Zimri Zapatero
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
zimri zapatero a.k.a. Captain Alexander Zapatero

Ensign Thomas Baker

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

Special Guest:

xxfadeintomistxx schism a.k.a. Ensign Sierah Schism