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Magellan MM-005

Posted: 210502.1026
by Phoenix Finistair
STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Get us to the Asteroid Belt any helms-work.
Engineering: Keep ship functioning at full capacity, any minor repairs in case we need a quick departure. If on away team, assist with the away team.
Science: Scan the asteroids for any anomalies. Assist on away team.
Medical: Be on alert in case we need you, assist science on scans.
Security: Assist on away team.
Intelligence: Assist with any scans, and on away team.
Cadets: N/a
Civilians: N/a
Guests: Observe or participate in away team.

Location: USS Magellan and Charon's Beacon Station
Date: 210502
Time: 545pm SLT sharp.
Tonight's mission will start in the bridge level conference room.

EVA SUITS required today for away team.
Please enable particles (at least 1000) to appreciate the scenery tonight!

We are going to go back to the asteroid field tonight, and discover where the treasure hunters left their treasure... and to find out what that treasure was.
Mission will start on the bridge (after conference briefing), then we will have helm take us to the asteroid and we will explore the cave system there.

Re: Magellan MM-005

Posted: 210502.1956
by Phoenix Finistair
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
Captain Phoenix Finistair

Ensign Arbre Trebuchet

riktorlombardia aka Ensign Riktor Lombardia

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

Nora Gerhadson as The Being
Jayce Rebel as Helm