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Magellan MM-004

Posted: 210424.1945
by Phoenix Finistair
STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Get us safely to Charon's Beacon, monitor alerts and conditions. Assist on undercover away team
Engineering: Keep ship functioning at full capacity, any minor repairs in case we need a quick departure. If on away team, assist with the covert away team on the station, monitoring and checking power sources, system scans etc.
Science: Scan and look for anomalies in the Station, including trace signatures that match updated intelligence findings. Assist on away team.
Medical: Be on alert in case we need you, assist science on scans.
Security: Assist on away team. Investigate the station.
Intelligence: See what you can find out about the locals, assist on away team. Collect any data you can manage.
Cadets: N/a
Civilians: N/a
Guests: Observe or participate in away team.

Location: USS Magellan and Charon's Beacon Station
Date: 210424
Time: 545pm SLT sharp.
Tonight's mission will start in the bridge level conference room.

We are continuing our mission from last week. The locals weren't very chatty last week, so this week we are going to go "undercover." We will try to investigate and collect intel again, hopefully more successfully. We will be the epitome of Starfleet Officers on this, not James Bond-esque spies.

You will all need some sort of "cover story." Are you a rogue scientist? Treasure seeker? Information Trader? Be creative. Remember the rules of good rp. This should be a fun mission!

CIVILIAN COVER OUTFIT REQUIRED. Weapons other than a small non starfleet regulation side arm or knife allowed.

Re: Magellan MM-004

Posted: 210427.2130
by Phoenix Finistair
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
Captain Phoenix Finistair

Executive Officer:
Zimri Zapatero aka Captain Alexander Zapatero

Ensign Arbre Trebuchet

Brian Janitor aka Brian Jones

riktorlombardia aka Ensign Riktor Lombardia

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

Nora Gerhadson
Aryela Dagger
xxfadeintomistxx Schism
Greg Esharham
Frostbite Pikajuna