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Magellan MM-003

Posted: 210418.0909
by Phoenix Finistair
STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Get us safely to Charon's Beacon, monitor alerts and conditions. Assist on away team
Engineering: Keep ship functioning at full capacity, any minor repairs in case we need a quick departure.
Science: Scan and look for anomalies in the Station, including trace signatures that match updated intelligence findings.
Medical: Be on alert in case we need you, assist science on scans.
Security: Assist on away team. Investigate the station.
Intelligence: See what you can find out about the locals, assist on away team. Collect any data you can manage.
Cadets: N/a
Civilians: N/a
Guests: Observe or participate in away team.

Location: USS Magellan and Charon's Beacon Station
Date: 210418
Time: 545pm SLT sharp.
Tonight's mission will start in the bridge level conference room.

Command has ordered us to investigate the station as ships have gone missing. Magellan did a sweep of the space surrounding the station assisting the Marines. that log can be found here (PLEASE READ) viewtopic.php?f=919&p=209156#p209156

We will be continuing our investigation into the Station, hopefully finding some answers. If not we will be cataloging the Station for Intel.

Duty uniform required.

Re: Magellan MM-003

Posted: 210418.2036
by Phoenix Finistair
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
Captain Phoenix Finistair

Executive Officer:
Zimri Zapatero aka Captain Alexander Zapatero

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

riktorlombardia aka Ensign Riktor Lombardia
Ensign Arbre Trebuchet

Nora Gerhadson
Rich Lombardia
Emerald Parkin aka Emmy Lombardia

Re: Magellan MM-003

Posted: 210424.2001
by Phoenix Finistair
Commanding Officer's Mission Log:

We beamed over to the station Charon's Beacon in two away teams. Team Alpha (consisting of Gabi, a security officer, and myself) and Team Beta (XO, Ensign Jones, Ensign Lombardia, Ensign Trebuchet and I believe additional security officers.)

When we beamed in we noticed the guards were heavily armed with various weapons, no doubt some illegal. After getting scanned for who knows what through the doorway, our teams split while maintaining minimal combadge use.

Initial scans from my tricorder were not successful in the slightest. Commander Santana and I went to the "club" deck to see if we could find any information from the locals. Sadly that mission was fruitless.

We did meet the "Overseer" as he calls himself. I think it was Argo? Arbo? Maybe Arlo? He was an interesting sort, but sadly unless my disguise is good or his memory is bad, I will not be able to try and pry more information from him when the crew goes undercover next week. I think I have a good enough disguise and backstory that I can risk running into him again. Maybe I'll even win the next round of that game!