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Magellan MM-002

Posted: 210410.1830
by Phoenix Finistair
After getting through the preliminaries of Starfleet testing, the USS Magellan and its Crew venture out as UFS newest ship of the line. Captain Finistair, as of a few hours ago, has issued her first orders. We are traveling towards the Nekrit Expanse.
Recent reports suggest several asteroid formations within the expanse. Upon recently, intelligence spotted a civilian science group within the expanse. Their purpose, we are told, was to monitor the mineral deposits of the expanse for later excavating. Unfortunately, this was the last transmission received from the vessel.
The USS Magellan has then been commissioned to investigate the area for clues.

● For Science, there should be a number of new mineral deposits that catch your eye. A mineral report referring to "Uremendosite" has been linked with a variety of medicinal properties.
● For Security, be on the lookout for anything suspicious. We are on a mission to recover a missing civilians vessel. Finding it would be ideal but returning in one piece would be better.
● For Engineering, similar to Science, there is a potential for new rock ore that could improve warp engine efficiency.
● For Medical, it might be a good idea to monitor the area for any type of radiation harmful to your crew.
● For Operations, besides flying the ship, keep a sensory lookout for comms traffic in the area.

Re: Magellan MM-002

Posted: 210411.2018
by Phoenix Finistair
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
Captain Phoenix Finistair

Executive Officer:
Zimri Zapatero aka Captain Alexander Zapatero

brianjanitor aka Ensign Brian Jones

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

Re: Magellan MM-002

Posted: 210411.2036
by Phoenix Finistair
=^= Captain's Mission Summary =^=

On our way out to the Nekrit Expanse, the Magellan was forwarded some data to check on a missing science vessel. Straight forward enough. The crew ran scans, sensors, even talked about dispatching a probe. We followed the trail to an asteroid belt of sorts, I'm not sure it was an asteroid belt, more an... arranged rock pattern.

Upon entering the rocks I had Ensign Jones and Commander Santana take a shuttle to navigate the rocks, and investigate the scanner readings. They found a ship in the midst of the field, with no life signs aboard. I had them return to the ship after sending the coordinates and a small away team consisting of the previously mentioned crew, Captain Zapatero, and myself beamed onto the ship.

Life support was failing, we had limited time on the vessel. We broke into teams of two, searching the wreck. The only things of interest to report were a data file containing a "treasure" map of some sort, and the ships hull was...dented.

We figured out what the dents were from soon enough when the ship started having the large rocks bounce off of it's hull. We left just as soon as Ensign Jones miraculously sped up his download of files and the lower deck hull was breached. We all safely made it back to the Magellan and now we need to look over these files and see if anything is on them other than the map.

A probe was dispatched for us to investigate further upon our return from the NE.