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Magellan MM-001

Posted: 210321.1304
by Phoenix Finistair
STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: To be assigned.
Engineering: To be assigned.
Science: To be assigned.
Medical: To be assigned.
Security: To be assigned.
Intelligence: To be assigned.
Cadets: N/a
Civilians: N/a
Guests: N/a

Location: USS Magellan
Date: 210321
Time: 545pm SLT sharp.
Tonight's mission will start in the bridge level conference room.
We will have a meeting discussing ship and crew policy, a "getting to know the crew" discussion, and a holodeck simulation.
Duty uniform required.

Re: Magellen MM-001

Posted: 210321.2042
by Phoenix Finistair
Crew Manifest:

Commanding Officer:
Captain Phoenix Finistair

Zimri Zapatero aka Captain Alexander Zapatero
brianjanitor aka Ensign Brian Jones

kalliebirdsong aka Commander Gabriella Santana

riktorlombardia aka Ensign Riktor Lombardia

Asteria0maxima aka Ensign Maxima

Re: Magellen MM-001

Posted: 210323.0958
by Zimri Zapatero
United Federation Starfleet
USS Magellan
=/\= Operations Log =/\=

Captain Alexander Zapatero reporting...

Today's mission log discusses the USS Magellan Operations department. Our agenda consisted of a variety of different topics.

First on our agenda, we went over some of the key upgrades of the ship's computer core systems. We were able to speak to a few members of the engineering staff on some of the safety and preventative measures towards ship's sensors, transporter systems, power consumption tactics, communications and incoming and outbound shuttlecrafts. All things considered, the presentation lasted a few hours.

While not as lasting a meeting as the previous, operations continued our survey of the ship by monitoring our ship's universal translator. It was noted that five different dialects aboard the Magellan were not completely translated by the device. We were able to inform Starfleet Command and receive the new language modules for these language.

In conclusion, I'd say it was quite a productive day. End report.

In Service,
Capt. Alexander Zapatero