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Posted: 210301.2312
by Phoenix Finistair
The USS Magellan is looking for the following:

2 Science Officers
2 Medical Officers
2 Security/Tactical Officers
2 Engineering Officers
Intel Officers
Civilians are welcome

At this time I will NOT be assigning Senior Officer/XO/Chief positions.

If you are currently serving on a ship, I ask that you please make sure to discuss with your Chain of Command before messaging me.

USS Magellan rp times will be replacing the Sheppard's Sunday night RP at 545pm SLT - 8pm SLT in Second Life. (With a crew after-meeting gathering directly after.) Our official launch date is 210314.

If you have any questions please message me directly on Discord (numpty#5700) or in Second Life (Phoenix Finistair).

Re: Recruiting!

Posted: 210311.1518
by Phoenix Finistair

First rp is this Sunday! 545pm SLT. All positions have availability.