Test Flight 006 Readiness Test & Investigation

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=^= USS Caligula (NCC-18151) Mission Log =^=

Mission Log : Stardate 2419.01.13-2100.

Test Flight 006 Readiness Test & Investigation

Following orders to investigate an unknown ship that had been harassing civilians in Sector 21, we started our journey, with Commander Marley Knott, on loan from the USS Durant, Lt(jg) Eroi Davi, of the USS Veracruz, and Lt(jg) Kestrel Roffo, of the USS Sheppard.

Arriving at Sector 21, scans were initiated as we cruises at full impulse towards the last reported sighting. Commander Knott noticed an unusual pattern in the previous attacks, pointing out an aggressive behavior. Under advisement, I put us under Yellow Alert. Very shortly after, Lt Davi noted our scans picked up an energy signature of an unknown origin, while Commander Knott reported we were being scanned by a subnucleonic beam. Lt Taurog received a communication from the cargo bay that they were rightfully concerned about a spike on the tractor beam energy field resonance. All attempts to raise them on COMMs failed, but were dutifully attempted repeatedly.

As I had Lt Roffo swing the ship about, to try to get a visual on the unknown vessel, Commander Knott thoughtfully inquired about scanning the area for monotanium plating. Scans were about to begin, but we started taking fire. Now under Red Alert, we began modulating shield frequencies as the tractor beam that held us loosely suddenly tightened, and the Caligula was starting to be drawn closer to the attacking vessel. Lt Ruffo accelerated against the pull, while Knott deduced the identities of our attackers. Hirogen. A hunting party. And we were caught.

Lt Davi, thinking quickly, devised a method to repel our attacker, in conjunction with giving them a volley of phaser fire to loosen their grasp. Diverting auxiliary generators to the deflector dish and routing secondary modulation plasma to the inertial dampeners, the jolt loosened the web we were caught in, as the phasers seemed to startle them into backing off. A second Hirogen Hunter appeared, and, as we were on an investigate and report mission, it would be best to have a ship to report our findings. We disengaged, heading for a gaseous giant, to round it, and warp off as soon as we were out of sight. Several tense minutes later, we deemed we were not followed, and proceeded to Pinastri with our report, slightly battered.

We recommend a Fleet-wide alert for our ships, and especially civilian ships, that may not have enough firepower, speed, or level of technology to fend them off in possible future attacks.

End Mission Log

Attendance: 5
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