Mission Test Flight 005 Flight Combat Operations

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=^= USS Caligula (NCC-18151) Mission Log =^=

Mission Log : Stardate 2419.01.06-2100.

Test Flight 005 Flight Combat Operations.

Proceeding to Sector Nine as ordered, Captain Bing Kronos Commanding. We found the Yorktown in dire straits. She’d taken heavy damage with hull breeches on decks 7-10, warp core ejected, mans off line and functioning on 72% of their auxiliary power. Shields and tactical systems were inoperable, navigation and piloting limited, and sensor scans and communications spotty best. She had life support systems for a crew of 193 souls for 4 days. She has suffered crew losses of 27 enlisted, 6 officers. and listing 42 injured.

Scans of the area showed no immediate ships in the area so we proceeded to patrol pattern Delta Two executed by Helm Officer Lt Roffo. COMMs-OPs Officer and ship XO, Lt Taurog continued to monitor COMMs channels as Science Specialist Eroi Davi collected sensor data and analyzed the extent of Yorktown damage with Engineer Leif Spires trying to determine the nature and pattern of the Dominion’s attack. Ensign Aycliffe from Medical prepared sickbay to receive critical patients when COMMs and transport capabilities were restored.

At 2118 hours two Dominion H-class destroyers entered the sector bearing down on the Yorktown. Lt Taurog acting in Captain’s orders, attempted to communicate with the Dominion vessels and warn them of the Caligula’s resolve to defend the crippled Federation vessel. After several rounds of diplomatic attempts to turn the Dominion warbirds away, enemy vessels opened fire on the Caligula. Captain Bing ordered return fire from the main phaser banks striking the lead vessel when they made an attempt to overrun our position. Return fire slowed the lead ship as Lt Roffo executed several evasive maneuvers while maintaining cover for the Yorktown.

Executing a port side turn, Lt Roffo rolled the ship 45 degrees and then engaged the maneuvering thrusters to swing the ship's stern around and lay out a spread of phaser bursts that kept the other Dominion warship at bay. Circling the Yorktown using several defensive postures, the bristling Caligula managed to damage the first Dominion ship to the point of forcing her to back off.

Hailing frequencies with the second Dominion ship engaged in a negotiation where Captain Bing offered to accept their surrender and to beam their crews to the cargo bay for processing until they could be returned to Dominion authorities. Dominion warbird Captain Obo refused and laughed, making several threats to annihilate the Caligula and make off with their prize, the Yorktown. Meanwhile on Captain's orders, Helmsman Lt Roffo dropped the nose of the ship 90 degrees as Ensign Spires ejected a warpcore flinging it at the dominion ship. It was followed by a tactical spread of three photon torpedoes striking the warpcore as it neared the Dominion vessel causing significant damage to their ship. Evading the detonation repercussions, Lt Roffo sent the Caligula into a 2 times Impulse drive out of harm's way while shielding the helpless Yorktown from debris using or shield radius. Shock waves weakening the Caligula shields down to 12% and jarred the photon torpedo launch system making it inoperable. At that point the second Dominion ship returned to action as the first ship drifted back. Firing its full phaser array she targets the Caligula now moving directly in front of the approaching hostile vessel to protect the Yorktown. Caligula registered hits to her hull, port side navigational sensors, and inertial dampeners. the warp core ejected, Engineering routed auxiliary power to shields and life support systems and managed to supply the phasers at 65%. Making her last stand protecting the Yorktown, Lt Taurog issued the "broken arrow" signal as Captain Bing ordered the crew to brace for impact and to fire all phasers when the ship was at 8000 meters. Just as the Dominion ship was within range, three federation ships - the USS Ahwahnee (NCC-71620), the USS Firebrand (NCC-68723) and the USS Merrimac (NCC-61827) appeared nearby, two of which opened fire on the Dominion destroyer exploding her into micro dust and fire. The other ship struck its colors and was taken captive. Thank you to these ships and their captain and crew for arriving just in time.

With the test concluded and the requirements of the testflight completed, Starfleet engineering released the holo globe from the ship which removed the simulated damage. Flight data and comms were filed as part of the test documentation and the Caligula returned to base.

End Mission Log

Attendance: 3
LT Bing Chronos - Caligula CO (Acting)
LT Karina Taurog - Caligula XO (Acting)
LT(jg) Kestral Roffo - Helm - Sciences-USS Sheppard (guest)
Lt. Bing Kronos
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