Mission Orders: Readiness Test Flight 004

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=^= USS Caligula (NCC-18151) Mission Log =^=

Mission Date: 2420.12.30
Mission Orders: Readiness Test Flight 004

Captain’s Log:
On our fourth outing, we let Lieutenant Roffo take the helm to do a series of maneuvers through a set course, with the intention to test out the tractor beam array on static, and also moving objects. Performing admirably, Roffo noticed a ship, the USS Maria Cecelia, a Nova class Science ship, sitting idly near the last buoy. Failing to respond to our hails, I decided that I would take myself and Lt. Roffo to investigate. After scanning for life signs, and detecting none, a thorough scan was done, but detected no signs of danger, viral or others. We transported to the bridge, and immediately noticed nothing seemed ‘wrong’, with the exception of no crew being aboard. Shortly after arrival, Roffo noticed the captain of the Cecelia, one Captain Louis Dupont, had left his PADD open to their latest mission log.
It is as follows:
USS Maria Cecelia
Nova Class science explorer
Captain Louis Dupont

Captains log :
Engineering has just attached a prototype forced quantum singularity device to our warp engines. In theory, it is supposed to act as a back-up energy supply, in event that we need one, to give an instant boost to whatever system is needing it. Testing begins in one hour.

End Captains log.

Captain's log, Supplemental :

Testing has begun, and all is going smoothly. The one oddity we have noticed is the Maria Cecilia is now surrounded in a slight blue aura. We shall keep an eye on it, I think.

With nothing else found, we attached one of our emergency beacons to the Cecelia, returned to the ship, informed HQ of what we had found, and was advised they would send a ship to tow her to Dock. As we were returning, slightly puzzled, a hail from the Cecelia, asking why they had one of our beacons attached to their hull. After a few minutes of bewilderment on both sides, we agreed to talk about what happened when we saw each other next back home. Quite strange.

End Mission Log
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