Mission Orders: Readiness Test Flight 002-Operations

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=^= USS Caligula (NCC-18151) Mission Log =^=

Mission Date: 2420.12.16
Mission Orders: Readiness Test Flight 002-Operations

Captain’s Log:
In the Second Week of trials tests, and training, the USS Caligula (NCC-18151) worked through the ship's : tractor beam, transporter, fire suppression, cargo, and life support systems. Receiving instructions from Starfleet Engineers in the Pinastri Shipyards, the new Merian class ship was piloted out of space dock by Lt Davi and off to the boneyard to perform the first test: Tractor Beam. Hovering outside the yard, Operations retrieved a large section of an old Constitution-class nacelle and adroitly guided it out from the other wreckage and brought it on board into the cargo bay. Once the load was secured by Cargo Specialists, the ship proceeded to the next test site.

Locating an object in space the size approximately 6cm cubed is difficult and tests the precision of Teleporters and the skills of the Operator. Passing the object at a range of 10,000KM this literal 'needle in a haystack' was located and beamed aboard the ship while moving at full impulse power within the Time Test parameters determined by Fleet Engineering.

Soon after, the ship was making a wide arc turn back towards the station when she experienced a fire alarm on Deck 7 between bulkheads 6 and 8. Fire crews were dispatched and oxygen was denied to the Area Decks 6-8 Bulkheads B-F to contain the spread; while Fire Control Team 2A made their way to attack the flames. Upon arrival they cleared the Simulated Fire by administering the proper Test Code Release to the Deck 7 Fire Detection Panel. Life Support Systems to those decks were returned to normal operations. Crew Response was within acceptable Time; Technology Response followed procedures resulting in a passing test.

The ship then returned to the starbase for docking maneuvers and data download.analysis. All departments reported their data and actions/corrective plans at 0600 the next morning and were signed off by the ships XO.

Attendance: 3
LT Bing Chronos - Caligula CO (Acting)
LT Karina Taurog - Caligula XO (Acting)
LT Eroi Davi - Helm - Sciences-USS Veracruz (guest)

Submitted by LT Karina Taurog
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