Ensign Oola Quan: 210407, Personnel Mission Log

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Oola Quan
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Operations - Lt Commander
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Having been caught up in finishing my translating of the languages I arrived late on the ship. When I finally caught up with Commander Fera and Lt. Kestral aboard the Massos II station. They were trying to find our Captain as she had gone missing after having left for a meeting. As we headed to the lift where we went to level 6 and found the Shuttle bay and Armory. I tried to search the thoughts of those around me to see if I could sense the Captain anywhere. Unfortunately, I couldn't sense her at all, which led me to believe she was unconscious. I told both the Commander and Lt my findings as we looked around the Shuttle Bay we had entered. As we were checking out the Armory I sensed a lot of commotion in the lower levels 3 and 4 and told the others. While we were looking around the station level I suddenly felt this extreme pain and disorientation that I sensed was coming from the Captain. I told the others about the feelings I was getting and that we needed to hurry to find her. We got on the lift and headed to level 3 where I could only sense diplomats going about their business and in the other area cleaning crew doing their normal routine.

Suddenly I sensed and felt the rush of a squad moving on level 4 but they were moving away from us. I told the others to which we got on the lift and headed to that level. When we got to level 4 we found only empty rooms so went back to the lift to decide where to go next. As we stood near the lift a Voth that looked like a judge rushed past us and got onto the lift heading down. I saw that the Voth got off at around level 6 and told the others. We took the lift down to that level and as we got off I was again hit with another wave of pain that became even more intense as we found ourselves getting closer to where the Captain was.

We searched the area and found the detention area to which Lt Kestral worked on getting the locks picked. We found the Captain laying semi-conscious and extremely disoriented and wobbly. Lt. Kestral helped the Captain up as we made our way out of the cell and to the Shuttle bay avoiding any contact. We then got transported back to the ship and had the medical bay take care of the Captain.

End log
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