VOLENS TIRONIBUS!! Recruits Wanted!

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:enterprisee: :enterprisee: VOLENS TIRONIBUS!! Recruits Wanted!
The USS Caligula (NCC-81851) wants YOU!
We are seeking newly commissioned Academy graduates to take ship positions in the following divisions: Engineering(2), Operations(1), Medical(1), and Marines(1-2).

Ship operations are Wednesday evenings at 9PM SL Time.
(Yes, that sounds late).
We are particularly interested in West Coast USA and European UFS Members to join our ship.
The USS Caligula (NCC-81851) is is a Merian Class exploration vessel/light cruiser for the purpose of treaty enforcement, neutral zone border patrol, fleet operations support, diplomatic missions, and dispatches from HQ to investigate, intercept, and intervene in disputes/violations/infractions within the Federation.

We are looking for (but not required) those who have some branch training, completed courses and RPs in their areas of interest, and are committed long-term to advancing through the Midshipmen and BBPC programs at the Academy. This is a new ship with opportunities to advance.

The ship us currently active.

For more information contact:
Karina Taurog - Executive Officer
LtCmdr Karina Taurog
CO - USS Caligula NCC-18151
Health& Wellness Program Officer, UFS Academy
Vice Branch Commander- UF Starfleet Office of the Chief of Operations
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Start Log
so today was a very stressful day, the Captain had been detained on the space station and we had received information that a execution warrant had been issued against her, Commander Fema Firefrick had joined us for the mission, we had intercepted a message that was cryptic Commander Firefrick, Ensign Oola Quan and myself discussed what out action should be taken.

We decided to go aboard the Space Station and search for the Captain a little later a message was broadcast on the Space Station inter comms channel that an warrant had also been issued against myself deep joy!! undeterred we continued to search for the Captain time is of the essence. we searched several decks and went totally by Ensign Quans instinct she is Betazoid
and does seem to have a connection with the Captain thankfully!! this i hope will lead us in closer to her seems Ensign Quan seems to feel the Captain's Pain, in the interest of scientific research i have offered to give the Captain the kiss of life if she is unconscious, know how to do it never had the opportunity to practice it so thought i would volunteer.

So we have come across some locked doors and luckily i have a little kit on me that contains a few small objects such as sonic lockpick set, i start to pick the lock as quick as i can as we all heard quite a few heavy footsteps, we make it threw the doors and Commander Firefrick finds the Captain i go to her side and see the captain has been beaten up quite severely and is disorientated as the only male in our party i offered as a gentlemen to carry her but if you know our Captain she is stubborn as they come and she declined so all i could do is remain alongside her till we got to the extraction zone, thankfully we made it and i ordered a beam out for our whole party with comms and transporters down we had to make it to this zone which was the only place where our signals were not blocked.
End Log
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