Hallelujah transcribed into Vulcan

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T'Kay Reynolds an amazing artist and creator did an amazing job translating songs into Vulcan. Which I wasn't even aware was a speakable language! This is their rendition of Hallelujah which I think is a beautiful tribute to Leonard Nimoy and Cohen! It's such a pretty language and I think I did not bad for somebody coming off a cold! Just a snippet so far~

Vesht ter-tor te'kor ralvatif
Provulau ish-veh palikau
Hi ri kupi ken-tor shidau ralash uf
Yumau abu'le - Tev-tor nu
Sasarlah nel-dath s'nezhak
Tal-tor d'ohik te'kru Sfek-Teraya

[The king composed a melody He attempted to begin But could not understand how the sound would form The baffled king has found the Point of Joining]

It flowed upward - it fell down The pattern came out of the chaos

Kal'uh nam-tor, Nam-tor hiyet Kal'uh nam-tor, Nam-tor hiyet

[Allow it to be, it is enough Allow it to be, it is enough]

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