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This forum is a showcase and discussion area for artistic efforts from UFS members. Post your stories, poetry, music, architecture, sculpture, movies, pictures, cartoons, and other types of art, not limited to Start Trek or even science fiction.
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The station is about 80% completed though still an experiment in design and development and I am sure it's not as dynamic as some builds out there this is my first attempt on such a concept. It's location is convenient for me to work a develop and is at a decent 3000m to allow for open grid activities and not interfere with 20th century type themes near the SNO airport and island homes. Though I have seen a few high-tech aircraft and ships do fly overs. SBE is located at the East Fjord Collett of the Norway inlets. My home is below the SBE's orbit and its settings are in accordance to the landlords requirements so it is 20th century though I may plan on a move in the future ( I hope not that was a lot of stuff put together but it's always in consideration just in case. :D )

To the admins and ops here. Please feel free to contact me and would love to coordinate SBE in the right direction for everyone here. As stated before it's experimental but allowing also the expansion of skills and interaction with others in the same interests. It's a format of mixed themes but focused on Trek and I have never built anything of this scale before in regards to a so called single structure. The coordinates of SBE is in my SL profile and I will not post here until I know of the proper protocols in doing so. Any ideas to give and share are most welcome.

Regards to all.

Mike Stellar
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