Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation^2

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The best of both worlds...….and this review will contain "Spoilers" ;)

For those who may not know, Doctor Who is a British science fiction TV series made by the BBC, about the adventures of a time travelling alien known as "The Doctor". Aimed at a family audience, it started in 1963, was axed in 1989, revived for one night only in 1996, then triumphantly brought back in 2005 and has been going ever since.

For those who may not know, Star Trek: The Next Generation.....just kidding haha

These two mighty scifi franchises were brought together in this limited series comic, published in 2012 by IDW. The Eleventh Doctor and his companions, Amy and Rory, end up on board the Enterprise D, thanks to some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff that seems to have been caused by one of The Doctors oldest enemies, the Cybermen. Who of course have gone into an allience with Trek's resident cyborg enemy, The Borg. Can The Doctor and Captain Picard work together to prevent all out destruction?

This is a story that could have gone wrong so very easily, as these are two very different series. Doctor Who, especially at this point, was arguably more science fantasy whereas TNG was always very much more serious in tone (no towing planets across space here). Yet this works. The writers have managed to allow both casts to retain everything that makes them special without having to compromise the very things that make both series fun. There's great pleasure in seeing the most energetic and youthful of Time Lords interacting with the Enterprise crew (I especially like the little moment when an exasperated Worf asks him to "Please stop talking!")

Yet this isn't just fluffy fan fic, when it gets down to it, there's some beautifully serious drama here. It is beautiful, the artwork resembles paintings with some startling close ups that look almost photorealistic. The story goes in directions that are rich and enjoyable. From almost whimsical to darkness. It's also very inclusive, if you aren't familiar with either series it's still a very satisfying read. From the wonderful sight in a flashback of Captain Kirk jump kicking a cyberman, to the heart stopping moment of The Doctor traveling to the Battle of Wolf 359 and seeing Locutus. But the moment to beat all, is when Picard steps aboard the TARDIS and The Doctor shows him the possible future of cyber-victory. From magic to chilling within a few pages.

This was originally published as an 8 issue series, then collected into 2 trade paperbacks, and a deluxe collection. IDW no longer have the publishing rights to Doctor Who, so it is unlikely this will be republished, so if you can find it I really recommend grabbing them. It's a fun, exciting way entrance to both these wonderful worlds.

Highly recommended - Five bars of Latinum
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Sounds pretty cool. There are some pages from the comic in a "teaser" here.
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