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The Motion Picture - Limited Edition Complete Soundtrack 2012 Release

Posted: 180731.1313
by 3249Rowena
Given the reported production nightmare that was Star Trek - The Motion Picture, it's a miracle worthy of Scotty himself that anything launched onto the big screen on time. Although, after watching it, many were wondering if it maybe would have been better if it hadn't. For the record, I'm quite fond of TMP.

Out of this emerged a film score that is quite simply, one of the best of the franchise. Full of wonder, beauty, experimentation. Written by Jerry Goldsmith, acclaimed composer whose work includes Patton, Planet of the Apes, The Omen and Tora, Tora, Tora, and who would go on to write the scores for Poltergeist, The (First) Great Train Robbery, Gremlins, and four more Star Trek films. TMP launches the Star Trek film musical odyssey with style. Highlights include the majestic "Main Title" (which would be used for the theme to The Next Generation), the eerie and beautiful "The Cloud" (my favourite).

This 3 disc release has been completely restored and has features that would make any fan of film music drool. As well as the complete score as it appears in the film, there's the original 1979 soundtrack album (which has alternative cue arrangements) unused early versions of cues, alternative and extended takes.....and much more.

Five bars of Latinum.