Admiral’s Challenge May 2019

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MilesPrower Dagger
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Command - Fleet Admiral
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What is your favorite and least favorite class of Starship in Starfleet? (Note this is limited to starfleet this time)

Post a link to the class for people who might not know them!
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Ishan Broek
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Security - Captain
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Favourite is the Constitution-class (Refit). It is just beautiful. ... CC-1701-A)

My least favoutite is the Oberth-class. One fugly looking ship.
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Have to go for the refit Constitution too. Hasn't dated despite being a nearly 40 year old design. You can truly believe when we do finally take the step out towards the stars, it could be on vessels like this.

On the other hand, my least favourite is the Kelvin timeline Enterprise. It looks like someone just mashed together the OS and film designs into an ugly mess. ... e_reality)
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Reina Beaumont
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Security - Commander
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Favourite: Akira class, quite the beauty and clearly a good solid escort to have at your side.

Least Favourite: Outside of the reboot stuff I'm not sure which is my least favourite, not fond of the reboot stuff at all. Especially the reboot Constitution class, it's hideous. It looks like something Tom Paris would come up with while suffering with a nasty fever.
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