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Who is your favorite and least favorite Star Trek Captain, from the shows or books, and why?
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That's a good one. My favorite Captain... Probably Picard. So cool under fire, but also so unapologetically intellectual and thoughtful. Janeway runs a close second, though I think she was somewhat the victim of bad writers, who seemed to think she ought to know absolutely everything.

Least favorite? Jellico. Strictly speaking, he was a Starfleet Captain, and he did command the Enterprise during TNG episodes. He was not sympathetic to his crew. Now... his was an unenviable role, coming in to replace a beloved Captain, but he also did not embody the ideals of Starfleet, and in a pretty specific way. Jellico was not collegial. He was not amiable. He wanted to lay down the law his way, and no other way. Yes, that was his right as a Captain, but it made him a poor one, and went against the philosophy that Starfleet Officers are all highly capable people who can be relied upon to follow orders regardless -- even if they might question (and should question) those orders.

The reason people are on the bridge of a starship, and not computers, is that each person brings perspective and a mind. They are not automatons. A Captain discounts those perspectives and minds at her or his peril.
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Thank goodness for Netflix!

Picard's my favourite with Kirk a close second. Janeway's pretty cool.

I have to say from the DS9 shows I've seen I don't really like Sisko all that much he seems too sort of 'unengaged' for me. And Archer bothered me after awhile so I stopped watching Enterprise.

All the shows have things I like and characters I think work well, including Discovery and Orville.
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It's hard to answer this, as essentially we just end up describing the different shows.

For example, Sisko of DS9 is someone you'd want to get behind during war time, because Sisko was portrayed as a wartime leader for a large part of the show.

Captain Picard is the person you would strive to be, because TNG was 7 seasons of idealism and hope.

It feels that way because that's generally what we saw each of the captains do on their respective shows.

Anyway, my order of preference is...

1. Sisko
2. Kirk
3. Pike (Bruce Greenwood version)
4. Picard
5. Georgiou
6. Archer
7. Janeway
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I have things that I like about each captain and things that I do not like. My top two are Picard and Kirk followed closely by Sisko.

Picard was a great diplomatic character, had a very commanding presence and overall just a great captain.

Kirk was prefect for his era. He was able to do things that others couldn't even if it meant bending a few rules. Kirk had a close relationship with his officers, especially McCoy and Spock who were his best friends.

Least favorite is probably a tie between Janeway and Archer. They both are capable captains that dealt with very difficult circumstances but I had a hard time connecting with them.

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I like both Sisko and Janeway a lot, while my least favourite would have to be Jellico due to how much of an behind he was a lot of the time, his way of doing things didn't exactly inspire trust in him.

Sisko had to overcome his own grief and find his own style of command despite his feelings towards having such a post to begin with, he was willing to do what it took to achieve results even if his methods were questionable at times.

Janeway was stubborn and determined, her first command pretty much threw her and her crew into the deep end and she had to try and uphold Starfleet's ideals while also trying to get her crew home which isn't easy considering what the situation.
As proved with Ransom and the Equinox crew, holding onto such ideals isn't easy when things are tough going but something the Voyager crew managed it for the most part.
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My favorite is Janeway... of course! :P I love how they had a woman who was making decisions for once. She was like the ship den mother. Strong and wise. She took Seven under her wing. I liked that...but even better was when she combined two crews together and created one to survive and those people became part of her "family." My least favorite was Jim Kirk... unless it's the version with Chris Pine...js I don't really have a least favorite.
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Have to say I really enjoyed the Sonya Gomez the SCE books portrayed her as later on in her career commanding the daVinci, the fact she was the first Engineering Branch officer to command a ship aside, her personality and command style with how she was allowed to run the ship were the best. Also liked her the few times she popped in as a guest star on TNG, like dumping hot cocoa on Picard.

Worst, absolutely hands down is Lawrence Styles. His pompous self-righteous attitude, like the way he carried a swagger stick around was the worst. He also had way too much of a vendetta against Kirk, that he sort of wallowed in. I'd have said JT Esteban, but he was just following protocols way too close to the letter, and the Grissom never really stood much of a chance either way.
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This became longer than I thought it would, LOL. My favorite Captain is Kathryn Janeway. I loved the way the character was written and I loved the way Kate Mulgrew played her. When Janeway's voice went into a low growling whisper, you'd better look out, because she had photon torpedoes locked on and a finger on the firing button. Here are some good videos showing Janeway as a total badass. The first one is my favorite.

Season 1 Episode 4 "Phage"

Season 1 Episode 11 "State of Flux"

Season 2 Episode 23 "The Thaw"

Season 3 Episode 15 "Coda"

Season 4 Episode 7 "Scientific Method"

Season 4 Episode 9 "Year of Hell: Part 2"

My least favorite Captain is Benjamin Sisko. As opposed to the finesse and style of Janeway, Sisko seemed to stomp around shouting at everyone. Maybe that was because of the way he was written and maybe that was because of the actor's style, I don't know, but I thought it was annoying. Imagine Kate Mulgrew delivering the lines in the following video and how much better it would have been:

By the way, actor Len Cariou, who played Admiral Janeway in "Coda," now plays Henry Reagan on the CBS police drama series "Blue Bloods."

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All day long my favourite is Captain Kirk. He is the original by which all the rest are measured. Kirk is a mythological-grade hero, one of those people who makes a career out of achieving the impossible because he said so. A magician, a wunderkind, the kid who got dipped in the special immortal-making river up to his heel. It’s no wonder he’s always facing down would-be gods. That’s just how I prefer my heroes. The ones I think of on my worst days, when the world crashes in, they’re not thinking man's heroes like Picard, they’re all Kirks. You could easily use words like “exciting” or “epic” or “like a boss” to describe James T. Kirk, but not any of the others.
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In answer to the question .......

My favourite captain is Jean Luc Picard, because his character is the most believable as a starship captain and Patrick Stewart is the best actor. (Closely followed by James T. Kirk)

My least favourite captain is Benjamin Sisko, because his character is the least believable and he is the worst actor.

The two disc DVD "The Captains: A Journey Through Time" is well worth viewing.

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