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Usually my posts are about the moving forward of UFS, changes in its core and how we can better things.

Today I felt I needed to address the big news circling the world.

As a Former Active British Armed Forces member it is with great sadness to hear about the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II . Whether you believe in the Monarchy or not, Whether you have opinions on the state of things is irrelevant at this point.

Queen Elizabeth II was a remarkable woman, commenly refered to as "The Boss" by those in the military. Her dedication to duty, her passion for her role, her dignity, poise and unwaivering loyalty to the United Kingdom, Commonwealth and the World can never be matched.

I had the priviledge of meeting Her Majesty on two occasions and both times will forever remain close to my heart. She showed humour and compassion and her legend will live on in the people that she intereacted with and the hearts that she has touched.

Rest in Peace Your Majesty, My Boss and Long Live The King
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Rest in peace your majesty...... 🌹
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I don't have a military background but I am a staunch royalist, so this cuts to the bone. An everpresent in my life...she was my Queen, always there. The United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and the world have lost a massive personality, an incredible force for good, and probably the best diplomat we have ever seen.

The Queen is dead. Long live the King!

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Even though I'm from the States, I've always admired her. She had such strength and poise. She was an inspiration to me growing up and again when facing hard times. Whatever she faced, she did so with grace. My favorite story about her is the one where she's driving the ambulance during WWII. There was no one else to drive it so she did. It surprised people when the driver turned out to be her. And my other favorite part about her is that she lived a somewhat common life prior to her father becoming King. That she met her husband on vacation with her family (a normal thing to do for a family) and they wrote for years in a long-distance relationship before they started dating and got married. She is proof that long-distance relationships can work and evolve to something that will last decades. When I look at her, I see a woman who has lived such a long full life. A woman who has seen 15 prime ministers, two of which were women. A woman who lived through two world wars and several smaller wars. A woman who served in the military and was a military wife before her life went into upheaval and she became a Princess. I see a woman that managed to navigate family life and career and did so in such a way that was graceful, honorable, showed integrity, and above all love. She managed to have it all. She lived a full and amazing life! She will be greatly missed.
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As a former Royal NZ Navy officer, we pledged an oath of "true allegiance to our Sovereign Lady the Queen, her heirs and successors." It was heart-moving on that day and indeed just as touching on the day of the Queen's passing.
She was a great example of dedication to service and well-loved.
RIP your Majesty. Long live the King!
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