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Lizzy Gracemount
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I'm so honored that so many people enjoy my work. I have a lot of days when I can't draw or create but when I am able to, it is lovely to know that those who see my work can feel the emotions that I do while creating it. I feel so deeply honored that you, my friends, like my work and feel it like I do. Thank you.

Because I wanted everyone to enjoy my work in RL if they wanted, I added a discount code for my work on Fine Art until November 14th. It's 25% off of orders in their carts using code NTZBMT. This will give you a discount on my markup. They won't allow me to do a discount on the cost of materials to create the canvases but I was able to create one for my markup. You can find my FAA store at Shares and views help me show up higher in search so even if you can't afford the paintings, a share or fav will help me be found by people in search.

I've entered the Fine Art America Billboard contest as well. Artists from around the world submitted three of their best works of art to be voted on. I need 100 votes to go to the finals, the more votes the better. Then in September, those who are 100 or more votes will be judged by panelists until there are 20 left. Those winners will find their work on billboards around the country along with their preferred social media. The exposure to this would be phenomenal. You can see my work at the art gallery in 3RG and the following links to vote! All votes are greatly appreciated!

Butterfly on a Wood Post ... d=44839803
Galaxy Abstract in Oil Pastel ... d=44839913
Trees in Pen and Ink ... d=44839146

Warm Regards,
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Kassiequandrii Resident
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Lizzy, thank you for letting us know!

Your work is wonderful, and deeply moving. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to help you promote it.

This is the kind of thing that makes UFS so wonderful: sharing, inspiring, and supporting each other's creativity.

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