Cookie ice cream sandwiches now arriving at Quark's bar for those who keep UFS running!

Chat away with your fellow officers here! Just don't bring the tribbles in!
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Hi, Rodney here. I'm usually a decent judge of the UFS atmosphere, at least on Discord. It's been a tough couple weeks.

I think the heat in the Northern Hemisphere makes it harder to uphold IDIC. It wears many people out.

So let me hand out cookie ice cream sandwiches and a few reminders.

1. We are all dealing with something in real life. That's just a fact. That's why we come here to play! Many don't say anything because they don't want to focus on their troubles here. They want a moment away from them. (example: I was just diagnosed with glaucoma. Rodney, however, will keep his 20/20 vision). In rl, we are all human. We all need a place to be safe without insult or injury. Those behind the scenes ppl work to make UFS so!

2. We all have varying degrees of personal space. Some people like to lay it out there, some people are secretive because they prefer to keep the private life private. Some people like hugs. Others prefer a wave. Ask about personal space before invading it. This is why we have private messaging!

3. When we bicker, we make more work for somebody! That's not fun. And we are here to have fun, first and foremost. Example: I like to get promoted. Being promoted feels good, especially because it come with many nice words. But I know it means nothing to real life, nor does it change how my UFS friends see me (They'd still call me Doc or Rodney!). So i ask questions about promotions at appropriate times/in appropriate ways. But I don't fight anyone about it. I remember there are other ways UFS people thank others. The one I like most is being a friend. I don't want to make more work for my friends.

4. When in doubt, ask about appropriateness in DM/IM. Sometimes I run into questions of whether what I say or do is ok. So I ask. There's less bickering that way.

Help yourself to an ice cream sandwich.

Live long and prosper, my friends!
CMO USS Veracruz
Senior Medical Advisor, UFS
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