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MilesPrower Dagger
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So I was wondering if anyone had some games that they would like to see brought up to code for current operating systems.

I would love to have the Journeyman series playable, I recall enjoying 3 quite a bit and would like to give the other 2 a try as a remastered game.

Myst would be awesome because the only time I played it I was like 10 and had no idea how to puzzle solve. I got it again recently but it doesn't carry into modern well. I would love to try to play it now that I'm older.

I can probably think of alot more if I took time to think. Anything you all can think of?

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Ginrai Yamabushi
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A fully remastered and Redubbed "Space Griffon"
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Reina Beaumont
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I would love to see Star Trek: Birth Of The Federation get a worthy revival for modern systems and be fully working instead of broken like the original was. Excellent game, would have been something truly amazing if it hadn't been so broken from rushed development.
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Starflight was an interesting game for its time. A while back, I found the pen and paper lists I had made about where to go and where not to go. I'm not sure it would be so interesting today but it might be cool to see it updated. There are other trading games available.
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Kem Vala
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I can think of one... MegaTraveller. Used to GM the board game and of course I played the 8-bit pc version. Hacked the hell out of it, in fact. (And back in those days it was indeed hacking... the whole game was written in machine language.)
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Silvio Rosca
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SeanArthWyr Resident
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I would love to see .hack//IMOQ fully remastered, even Legaia II
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