Relay Weekend 2021 Wrap-Up Party and other Info

Team updates, news and contest announcements regarding UFS Metamorphosis team and Relay for Life of Second Life.

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This relay has been amazing. You have been amazing. You all have raised so much money that will help people get treatments, get rides to those treatments, find patient navigators, learn the right treatments for them, and so much more. From all of your hard work, you have helped so many people... including raising awareness. Pat yourselves on the back! But also, come to the Wrap-up party this afternoon from 4 pm SLT until 6 pm SLT and celebrate with the rest of the RFL community!!!! WE DID IT!!!! The whole RFL team (all teams in SL) raised over $400,000 USD as a collective, one huge team! And YOU were part of that! I hope you are as proud as we are of you!!!!

RFL Overcome: ... ME/2/130/2
RFL Manage: ... /128/128/2

Also, for those who did not get a chance to attend or who missed some of the important hours this year due to RL interfering, they have sent out the audio links! You can listen to them now and enjoy... including the dedication hour to see what it's all about. We are there because of the very people in the dedications! Enjoy! And don't forget your tissues for some!

Here is a complete list of this year's recorded audio from this year Kick off.

2021 SLRFL Closing Ceremony Pt 1

2021 SLRFL Closing Ceremony Pt 2

2021 Second Life Relay for Life Luminaria Ceremony

2021 SLRFL Kick-Off
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