5 Days to Relay Challenges

Team updates, news and contest announcements regarding UFS Metamorphosis team and Relay for Life of Second Life.

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Good morning, Team.

The intention was to release a challenge each day from June 7 to June 11th, but life got in the way and I missed publishing the last two days of challenges. So, today, to save some time, I decided to publish them all at once in this notice. And go with what we have... So here are your challenges... Can you meet them? We look forward to seeing what you do! Take your pictures as you do them and post them to the Flickr group for the team! Have fun! Go Relay!!!! ~LA


Day 1: Quest for Hope Photo Challenge - Find the Quest here: viewtopic.php?f=965&p=209684#p209684

Day 2: Find a friend and hold a donation “war.” See how many times you can beat each other in the war of the donations! Can you bring our team to higher heights by challenging your friend to a donation duel? Who is the winner? Be sure to post on the Forums pictures of your donation duel fun!

Day 3: Visit Hope Lodge. Look around the cancer/survivor displays. Pick one that you like and write about how it affects you, why you like it, and pretty much anything you want to say about it! Post it in the Day 3 forum thread on the forums!

Day 4: Get a picture with a Joint Chief in front of the RFL area at UFS HQ and post it to the RFL Channel in Discord and in the Flickr group for the team! Go Relay!
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