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5 Days to Relay Challenges - DAY 1!!!!

Posted: 210607.0533
by Lizzy Gracemount
It's so close to Relay Weekend that we thought you'd enjoy some challenges!!! Prepare yourself for each day's challenge becomes more challenging! (WHAT, Lizzy!) Today's Challenge was gathered by our very own Victoria Moonshadow! Are you ready!!!!

Here is your first challenge leading up to Relay Weekend! Should you choose to accept it that is! Your task is to choose three of the following to do a photo op about. Be sure to include your story and why you chose the items on the list! Upload to Flickr and add to the UFS Metamorphosis Flickr Group!

1. Hope Haven inworld or visit the ACS Island and get their volunteer shirts and take a pic in that to share on Flickr group, etc.
2. Pictures from around Bruce, with JC...Pic of our UFS Metamorphosis seal from Main Lobby, 2 floor seals
3. Get a Tshirt and Team Flag from Relay for Life Main building
4. 5 pics from Hope Haven that show Hope, Keep Going, Light, Togetherness, Global Unity

5. 4 Pics from Event Pavilion RFL
Fantasy Faire, Home, and Garden, Magic of Christmas and Scifi Con

Trail Pics
6. Start at Team Bobbi Sue Castle gate. White pebbled path to the right of gates. Take 5 pics along your Cancer journey path.

*Mission Impossible theme sounds in the background* This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

I mean, we look forward to seeing what you come up with!!!! Wow us with your photography skills! Do three or do them all!

Note: If you have an idea for one of the challenges, contact Kermie or Lizzy!

American Cancer Society Island: ... /128/128/2