Duel of the SOTL: Are you ready for the results?

Team updates, news and contest announcements regarding UFS Metamorphosis team and Relay for Life of Second Life.

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Lizzy Gracemount
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I know I'm ready to share with you all how much you have done and who has come out on top! So without further ado, I'll get to it!

*Clears throat loudly*

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Gentle Beigns, Butterflies, Relayers, Team, UFS members, the Duel of the SOTL has been completed and it WAS a tight race at times! Especially between the USS Shogun and USS Atlas. The friendly rivalry and competition are amazing! In the end, the two ships alone raised $138,698L! This is amazing and I am so proud of the whole group! In total, UFS has raised $143,521L!!!! WOOHOO!!!! This is amazing! You all came together and helped so many people!

Totals Breakdown:

1st Place: Shogun (80,198L)
2nd Place: Atlas (55,500L)
3rd Place: Durant ($5,400L)
4th Place: Veracruz (800L)
5th Place: HQ (605L)
6th Place: Thor (300L)
7th Place: Tranquility (100L)
8th Place: Nimbus (13L)

Congratulations, Team! You did well! The team total is now: $383,848L or $1535.39 USD! We're only $487.61 USD from our season goal of $2.023 USD! Holy cow! I'm so excited! and PROUD!

The next duel begins tomorrow! The Duel of the Branches... Start donating any time after midnight SLT! The kiosks are all out and ready for you to begin then!

Go relay! Have fun!!!!
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Quertie Resident
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Shogun was determined to win it from the moment Atlas took the lead. It was a fun back-and-forth. We even hung out around the donation boxes for a while with Evelyn Rieko:


We were needling each other with a few L$ jostling for the lead. I think that lead lasted 15 seconds.


I never imagined it would have resulted in L$140,000. So cool.

I did it for a friend. Thanks for helping me create a happy memory. ♥ Q.
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Siobhan Crystal
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Congratulations to USS Shogun. All of us from USS Atlas are proud of you, AND....Thank you to everyone who contributed in the SoTL competition. Next is the Branch competition, won last year by Science. May the best Branch (cough...cough...Command) WIN!

((yes, I know I was in Science Branch last year) :icon-lol:

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