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Personal log Lt Cmdr Turak

Posted: 200624.1748
by Billdwire Resident
Stardate: 200622

We received a weak distress signal from an unknown source. Science sent the coordenance to Helm and we changed course speeding up to warp 5 toward the signal. Upon arrival we found it was coming from a small ice planet. Science reported the planet had breathable atmosphere but was very cold and they also found three wrecked ships all near a small emergency habitat . The Captain lead an away team down with myself our marine security and ops officer. None of the vehicles looked like they have been in a battle there were no blast marks on any of them . We found several dozen bodies all of a blue unknown race. We thought at first andorians but when we tried to examine the bodies they disintegrated. I downloaded all the data from the small console in the emergency habitat and what i could off the freighters computer core. I hope it is not corrupted. After checking everything we could the Captain decided we best return to the ship before we froze and give all the data we collected to the science officers to go over.