USS Courageous Science Officer's Log 5.9.20

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USS Courageous Science Officer's Log 5.9.20

The USS Courageous headed out to course 145.6 mark 4 which is the trail that the unknown ship was headed on.

It has been postulated that the perpetrators might be rogue Romulans or possibly Section 31. Why, we do not know as of yet?

While we were following the trail the Captain suddenly began to act erratically, almost deliriously. She turned over command to the XO and proceeded to obtain Medical assistance.

We proceeded to continue the search for the space station Meraki where we hoped to get more answers to our many questions.

We were all ordered to beam over to the investigate the station.

The station was very big and it took us many hours to proceed deck by deck where we were faced with many more questions then answers.

It definitely appeared that the station was used for experiments and studies in both robotic animations, poisonous plants and deadly bacteria.

Also we found no one alive but did find a few bodies of which we scanned to ascertain reason of death.

We also downloaded all logs and archives we could find in various parts of the station for study back on ship.

After completing our search of the station we met up with the Captain and Doctor in Sickbay and reported our findings.

The Captain had undergone another procedure to remove a missed implant, hopefully this time she will be healed and return to herself.

The Captain and XO decided we had done all we could there and we beamed back to the ship with our samples and downloads.

End Log
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