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UFS Civilian


Sits in his room looking at the computer sipping a cup of coffee. I hate this my first time in the command chair and I lose our Captain.
Computer Open log Turak

Personal log
Stardate: 200421
We were on the trail of the killers that attacked SS Omega when the captain announced she had a message from HQ to leave and attend a meeting. I called shuttle bay to prepair her Shuttle and provide our best pilot. She departed shortly after turning command over to me while she was gone. About ten minutes later we got a call from a disabled freighter and changed course to intercept it. Upon arrival we found they needed some parts for their warp core which we had on board and i had Ops send them over by transporter. They had no injuries so we stood by in case they need any other assistance. Ops reported picking up another message to the freighter saying there was another company ship on the way to assist the freighter so we turned back on the trail of those attackers. Five minutes into our return toward the
co ordnance of the attackers Tac Officer reported a Romulian warbird de cloaking behind us. i called for red alert and shields up just as a shot from the warbird hit our ship, the shield was up so no major damage just some crew shaken up. Tac returned fire and i had science scan the ship for any weakness in their shield. I had helm take evasive action and they did a good join in dodging several more shots whie our ship returned fire but doing nothing to stop the attacking ship. Science reported what appeared to be a small fluctuation in there shielding just fore of the port wing. I had Tac target that area and fire both plasma cannons and a torpedo at that one spot. It was a direct hit and the ship started breaking up . There appeared to be no survivors. As I was about to order helm to return to the attackers trail Ops reported a message from the Captains shuttle that they were under attack and being boarded. I immediately ordered helm to head toward the co ordnance of where the message was sent from. Upon arrival we found nothing but debris we tractor beamed several of the larger pieces to the cargo bay and searched for bodies or any life pods and found nothing. Science reported a warp signature leaving the area an said it seemed to be the same as the one we had been following earlier. So while our medical officer went to examine the pieces we picked up i had Helm head us off after the warp signal.

Sits back in his chair reading over the log I feel it is logical that the captain and pilot were taken before the shuttle was destroyed.
We will find them and get her back.

Computer close and save log

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