Return to find answer of the Omega situation

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=/\= Personal Log =/\=
Cmdr T'Preea,
I ordered us The crew to return to SS Omega area to pick up the trail of the ship that attacked the station. in this matter we discovered that the Maxwell and Sheppard was in route to their next destination. We had repaired our few problems and headed toward the Space Station Omega to pick up where we had left off. we followed a ion trail we had discovered to a asteroid in open space, a place it should not have been. upon research and scientific study of this asteroid we discovered it had a inside to it after all it was artificial and placed there .. I sent a away team to the inner surface. they did find that there was several pieces of start fleet items inside and several dead bodies of crew and alien we had encountered dna from at the station. we also discovered a alive crew member from the station who was in shambles he was frightened and disorientated. we retrieved all items of star fleet had them the bodies transported to the Courageous and the doc took the station omegas crew member to sick bay. strange the away team discovered Romulan female dna on a disruptor discovered at the sight. we found a newer ion signature once the away team had beamed back aboard the Courageous and we found a ship hidden in a comet trail we proceeded to follow this trail..
end report

Cmdr T'Preea
C.O. Uss Courageous
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