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=/\= personal Log =/\=
Where to begin , while on investigation of the Space station Omega we received a distress call asking for aid and help from the USS Maxwell, we was sent a subspace message from star fleet to aid along side with The USS Sheppard in which we changed course and headed to aid the ship in peril. Once there we found that we could hide and assess the situation. we discovered 3 ships that was surrounding the Maxwell and some of their crew was on the ground. we engaged with the other ships bearing down on the Maxwell and I as captain informed them that they was in violations also be prepared to defend themselves as we was threaten before hand. they apparently thought our small ship the Courageous was a joke to their dismay we proved them wrong. the battle was long but short lived the Maxwell retrieved her crew members from the surface and we engaged in destroying several of their ships , Our crew which had never seen any battle yet did a miraculously, extreme well job.
Cmdr T'Preea
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