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Turak enters his room and pours a cup of fresh ground coffee from the pot on his desk and sits down taking a long sip.
Computer open personal log Turak

Personal Log
After our encounter with the pirates and making sure the USS Maxwell and USS Sheppard were ready to continue on with their mission our Captain ordered us to return to SS Omega area to pick up the trail of the ship that attacked the station. I had science relay the last co ordnance from science station to Helm and instructed our Helmsman to lay those in once we reached the area of the Station and set our course after the attacking ship. We reached the station and Helm layed in the new course and we continued on . Tac soon reported something on long range scans in our path ahead. They determined it was a single asteroid sitting alone in space. The Captain and i agreed it must have been pulled there and placed for some reason so we dropped out of warp and approached under impulse allowing both Science and Tac to scan the Asteroid. Science fired a probe to get a better reading and it was discovered what appeared to be a base inside the Asteroid complete with a force field around it and atmosphere inside plus one life sign in the base. Scans showed no sign of the ship we were tracking. Our Captain decided it was worth while to stop and examine what was in the base . Sending my self and the Doctor along with our Science officer and a Security officer we transported over to the Asteroid while our ship kept lookout for the attack ship .
Upon reaching the asteroid i searched for the source of the force field and found a romulian force field projector . Using my tricorder it took me a few minutes to break the command code and take down the force field. One of the team found a case sitting near the entrance that was material stolen from SS Omega . We lugged it over to the transporter and transported it to the ships cargo bay. We all then carefully entered the air lock on the base and when it recycled we entered the base proper. We found more items stolen from the space station and carried them out into the inner chamber of the air lock. Our since officer meanwhile had found the controls that controled the containment field inside the base and shut it down. There we found two bodies on an Ensign from the station the other an unknown alien. Hearing noised we check a cell and found a live person who claimed to be a hacker that had broken into the space stations main computer. The man had been beaten and frightened badly so i called the ship to have him and the Doctor transported back to sick bay.
The rest of the crew was moving out the bodies and a create of antimatter material stolen from SS Omega. After getting everything transported to the ship i gathered the crew and had us transported back. Both bodies were stored in our ships morgue while the Doctor was working on our live patient. Science scans meanwhile had picked up the trail of the attack ship and I ordered Helm to set course to follow. We are presently following the trail at warp five.

Computer close and save Log


Sits back in his chair relaxing and finishing the cup of fresh coffee.
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