Captians Personal Log #1

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The news was everywhere. It was in our dreams, it was on peoples lips. Tonight, the travelers US on the this new Starship would awaken. The dream has come true.

That morning, the first stretch of shadow across narrow walks. The air shimmered with the scent of the warming sun, it brushed through the shutters and touched our thoughts even as our dreams had faded. For this was Starship Day, and, from tonight, nothing would ever be the same. Of course, there were parties organized. Dancing, drinking. Holidays for all of us. The prospect of the Starship’s first transmission, an instantaneous tachyon burst across the light years, had sent the wine sellers and the bakers scurrying toward their stocks and chasing their suppliers. And the suppliers had chased their suppliers. And the bread, the fruit, the hats, the dresses, the meat, the marquees, the music had never been in such demand. Not even when . . . Not even when . . . Not even when. But there were no comparisons. There had never been a day such as this. Our day, The celebration Of the U.S.S Courageous and her crew.

As if all of us needed reminding, the morning Federation news was full of it. Weary from the celebrations that had already begun the night before, and there were wine glasses scattered in HQ, the smell of booze and stale conversation. After starting with early drinks and chatter at the Celebration many had stayed around with us until late. At least, they’d stayed beyond the time. I finally left and went to bed. I had told the crew, dawn was to come early. Feeling righteous, feeling like a sourpuss, wondering just what the hell I did feel. But Vulcan's don't feel so we say, we just hide those feelings very well deep inside. But some of us still had work to do on this Starship morning. I opened eyes and took in the sound and the smell of Everything. I stood replicated some tea, a bowl with oats and yogurt and honey. I sat down outside my home with the lizards in the growing warmth of the patio on new Vulcan. This would be the last time I would see my home in a while.

Page after page on the screen of my computer, of gleeful speculation. Discovery. Life. Starship. Hope. Message. Already, I’d had enough. Why couldn’t people just wait?. All it took was for the tide to go in and out, for the sun to rise and fall, for stars and darkness to come, and we’d all know the truth anyway. And I knew that my patience would be full of it. The computer was right of course. Wait. Just wait. Please wait. “Everything could change—but even if it doesn’t, knowing it won’t change will be something in itself, too, won’t it? It’s a time to make new resolutions . . .” "Time for this dream and Starship to fly has come" and for her, surprisingly long, shiny, beautiful,and yet powerful. I thought of that Starship Traveling light years over some strange new world, preparing to take us all to the galaxy's end. And I thought of me, the Captain and my crew, and where or dreams and the stars will take us..
“You’ll learn,” I said, “that everything takes time. Think how long it’s taken us to get to this ship into the stars.” and here we are, her we go..
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