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Sciences - Lt Commander
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This new star-ship USS COURAGEOUS NCC 75469 is Currently in Shakedown.
I am open to recruitment of crew-members.
The current available positions are as follows:

- 2 Operation Officers - Helmsman (URGENT),

- 1 Security Officer - Should be proficient in ship's security procedures

- 1 Medical Officer as a ships doctor.

- 1 Engineering Officer - A specialist would be most welcome

- 1 Science Officer

- 1 Tactical should be proficient in tactical procedures

The Courageous is a Defiant Class ship its small and compact all positions can lead to either a Vice position or even a Chiefs position when time served and evaluation.

If Interested Contact
CO, T'Preea( MiriamNataliaKon) inworld or by notecard
XO Kraven ( dirtydog.bebbs) by notecard

Cadets is accepted after completion of academy courses .
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I've been aboard this beauty of a ship, and hope to one day serve on her. Well worth joining up for!
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Aye Cadet she is a beauty I have been working with their amazing civilian engineer and the ship improves every day.
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