Personal Log Lt Cmndr Turak

USS COURAGEOUS, NCC-75469, is a Defiant-Class escort,science, survey, support vessel based out of Pinastri Colony in the Second Life world.
We are presently in the Delta Quadrant, starting the very first missions of a vessel of this class. Tasked with seeking new lifeforms and new civilizations, And to support and defend the Pinastri Colony, and any other station ship, and outpost that is needed. The USS Courageous is a small powerful determined Vessel . the Courageous gets her name from Ameila Earharts phrase about “Courage”.
This small ship will be Courageous on her missions and journeys.

With the young hands of T’Preea as CO, and Turak as XO with a fresh crew and stars to guide by we shall set the quadrant ablaze with our exploration and bold missions.

“Courage, is the price that life exacts for granting peace”.
Amelia Earhart.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 10:00am to 12:30pm SLT
Acting Commanding Officer: Miriamnataliakon Resident
Acting Executive Officer: Billdwire Resident
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Billdwire Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Turak sits at his desk in his office looking at the view of the planet below on his computer. Computer open personal log Turak


Personal Log
Stardate: 202305
Well we have followed a call from a signal beacon a distress call from an unregistered freighter. Arriving at the buoy we picked up another signal from a near by Class M planet. We are gathering the crew for an away mission down to see what happened . We had recieved a coded message from the buoy and decoadking it told about an attack on the freighter by bjorian raiders. Although this seems illogical that they would be in this area. The Captain decided we needed to go down to the planet and see if we can find out what really happened.

She just called the away team is standing by at the transporter i will continue this log upon our return.

Computer close and save

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