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Personal log C.O T'Preea

Posted: 200516.0846
by Miriamnataliakon
Personal Log, as I sit in my quarters drinking my favorite hot spiced tea, I find I am going over things in my mind. Only curiosities no answers. As I sit here I look back at all that has happened .. my mind tries to concentrate on all this. why me and why did those rouges want my information.. The doc has worked wonders on healing me.. Physically but I am trying to suppress all the mental agony that was inflicted upon myself. in all we need to either find these rouges and bring them to justice or if we have to use force they can not do this to anyone else. I am sure that I am not and will not be the only UFS personnel that they will try this with or have tried this before.
The Logic of what they was and are trying to accomplish escapes my mind its not logical. the crew explored the space station merki as the doctor patched me up .. I understand there was some oddities aboard this station.. one for record was no crew and the ones found were dead. reported to the XO and myself the crew found things that make no sense of why they were there on a space station...

End report
Cmder T'Preea
C.O. Uss Courageous :defiant: