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=/\= Captians Log =/\=

Posted: 200427.1350
by Miriamnataliakon
Computer record this.. =/\= Captians log =/\= reflections on the last week of my life.
I was abducted by two Romulans, who seemed not as normal Romulans, rouge I presumed. There was two others but I am not sure to what species they were. Then my head was covered with some sort of covering . I had difficulties breathing. I could hear muffled sounds of voices, not sure to what they was discussing. I do know that it seemed as they had killed my pilot , as I did hear them say "destroy it". In a split second I was grabbed up by both arms which were manacled behind my back and punched several times. Then I was dropped to the floor of their ship. I heard more muffled Voices saying we need to get there, and then someone kicked me. I was trying to keep my emotions and not to make any sounds. I passed out from the excruciating pain. I came to for a short time only to be being stripped of all my clothing, and someone dressing me rough old rags. The next thing I knew I was being beaten and thrown around kicked and then more beatings.. I do not remember much after that.
Several hours, maybe days, time seemed to pass slowly. Then I was taken to some tank I was manacled and suspended within. after some time I was released and onto the floor, then someone kicked me and yelled "You Vulcan scum, star fleet trash, we need those codes if you wish to survive".. I passed out from the pain. For hours, each days this went on.
I was then again unconscious, but my mind subconscious trying to clear, I was trying to relay a subliminal images or a location how where to fine me to any crew who could get the subliminal message. Help came days later when these marauders who has taken me hostage scrambled to leave quickly they said leave her she will die anyway .. I was left suspended in a stasis tank and passed out. I awoke to the Doc and several others opening the tank and releasing me, I fell to the floor. I do not remember much only being beamed aboard the Courageous and then in sickbay. The Doc has scanned me, I am a sight for sore eyes beaten, bruised, and battered but I never told them anything even if it meant my death, I did not break...

Computer end log I need to rest....

As I try to get comfortable as possible with as much pain as I am in, I fall asleep after the doc gives me something for pain.

** end report** :defiant: