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USS COURAGEOUS, NCC-75469, is a Defiant-Class escort,science, survey, support vessel based out of Pinastri Colony in the Second Life world.
We are presently in the Delta Quadrant, starting the very first missions of a vessel of this class. Tasked with seeking new lifeforms and new civilizations, And to support and defend the Pinastri Colony, and any other station ship, and outpost that is needed. The USS Courageous is a small powerful determined Vessel . the Courageous gets her name from Ameila Earharts phrase about “Courage”.
This small ship will be Courageous on her missions and journeys.

With the young hands of T’Preea as CO, and Turak as XO with a fresh crew and stars to guide by we shall set the quadrant ablaze with our exploration and bold missions.

“Courage, is the price that life exacts for granting peace”.
Amelia Earhart.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 10:00am to 12:30pm SLT
Acting Commanding Officer: Miriamnataliakon Resident
Acting Executive Officer: Billdwire Resident
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Personal log :defiant:
while returning from the meeting as I reflect upon the meeting . I have to wonder how the crew is managing without me there. What are they encountering. as I was speaking to the ltjg flying the shuttle.. He was jittery kind of emotional. I knew I should have taken a Vulcan or other species, Humans are so chattery, or jumpy as to say when they are left alone with a commanding officer.. The security officer we had taken with us had needed to stay behind. The meeting was all of the ships commanders or xo's and some of the higher ups.. I told the helmsman I wish to rest and meditate for a few moments. I requested the computer to play some light soft airy music.. I Awoke as the helmsman was yelling as things has gone aray.. LT SEND A DISTRESS CALL AND BEACON << WE ARE UNDER ATTACK THIS IS COMMANDER T"PREEA USS COURAGEOUS TO ALL WHO CAN HEAR US ALL FEDERATION SHIPS IN THE AREA >> WE ARE... silence..
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