Helm's Cadet Log, Stardate 200411.1305 - Space Station Omega - Part II

USS COURAGEOUS, NCC-75469, is a Defiant-Class escort,science, survey, support vessel based out of Pinastri Colony in the Second Life world.
We are presently in the Delta Quadrant, starting the very first missions of a vessel of this class. Tasked with seeking new lifeforms and new civilizations, And to support and defend the Pinastri Colony, and any other station ship, and outpost that is needed. The USS Courageous is a small powerful determined Vessel . the Courageous gets her name from Ameila Earharts phrase about “Courage”.
This small ship will be Courageous on her missions and journeys.

With the young hands of T’Preea as CO, and Turak as XO with a fresh crew and stars to guide by we shall set the quadrant ablaze with our exploration and bold missions.

“Courage, is the price that life exacts for granting peace”.
Amelia Earhart.

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I sit down at a table in the Holodeck Pub. I pull out my PADD and start a new log...

Helm's Cadet Log, Stardate 200411.1305

After the chaos with the Maxwell and the Sheppard, the Courageous was ready to continue its previous mission. The Captain was not on the bridge at the moment, so the Executive Officer told me to set a course to the SS Omega last known location at Warp 5. I set in the course, and we were on our way.

Just before we arrived, the Captain stated 'We are to find the missing crew and supplies at no matter and to return them home either dead or alive or however we find them and to bring these rouge culprits to justice.' When we arrived, we were greeted by an asteroid. Science was ordered to scan for lifeforms on the asteroid, and we picked up one life sign. Everybody, including the Captain, was confused. I was told to drop us out of Warp as we continued towards the asteroid. I dropped us out of Warp, and Tactical was ordered to do a scan and see if there was anything waiting. Nothing appeared on sensors. I was ordered to bring us in closer.

The Captain was confused as to why there was a lone asteroid in Wild Space. The Captain asked the Executive Officer if he had seen something like this before. As it turns out, the XO had said the asteroid had been placed there manually. Tactical picked up a forcefield coming from within the base. Science confirmed that there was an energy reading inside the base, and was told to launch a probe into orbit around the asteroid. Scans from the probe confirmed that there was a base inside the asteroid with only one lifeform. There were no signs of the attacking ship, so the Captain suggested an away team to the XO, and he agreed with her. The XO choose me, the Doctor, and Science to accompany him on the away mission.

We got into our EVA suits and beamed down to the asteroid's surface. When we reached the surface, there was a base awaiting with a forcefield surrounding the outside. We all got our Tricorders and began scanning the asteroid. Near where we were beamed down there was a Romulan Laser Scanner. The XO asked the Courageous to decode the signal from the force field beam. A few moments later, the force field went down, and we were able to go inside the base.

After the shield was lowered, there was a Station Omega Supply Crate. We moved it over to where we were first beamed in, and it was transported to the Courageous Cargo Bay. The Captain informed us that anything we find, we should beam back up to the ship. We moved inside the base and saw some equipment and another force field in our way from exploring the remaining parts of the base. While trying to get the force field down, the doctor found some traces of female Romulan DNA and the lifeform that we had on sensors.

We eventually got the force field down and went into the secluded area. We found two bodies; one belonging to crew member Ensign Mala, and the other belonging to an unknown alien species. The lifeform that the ship's sensors had picked up, was in a cell not far from where we found Ensign Mala's body. He had been severely injured. The prisoner was very frightened upon our arrival but with the doctors kind, calming words, we were able to convince him to let us beam him back aboard the ship and treat him. The doctor left and we finished transporting items up to the ship.

After we finished on the asteroid, we were beamed back aboard the ship. I retook my place at the helm. While we were gone, Science had seen a comet pass by, quite possibly containing an ion trail. The Captain told Science to send me the coordinates of the trail and plot a course to follow behind. I entered the coordinates and went to Warp following behind the 'comet'.


I stand up and walk to my quarters to lay down for a few hours, before my next shift...
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