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Chief Science Officer Log

Posted: 200812.0616
by Jack Chou
=A=Computer, start log 200812=A=

This is the first log in a while now.

A few hours ago, we spotted some traces of protomatter exiting the Khitomer Wormhole, but it was not enough to blow up stars. After reporting the findings to the CO Skar-Machado, I ordered Ensign Brice to accompany me down to spacedock to use tractor beams and antimatter containment chamber to contain the protomatter. Initially, the container was leaking some protomatter, but this was quickly solved with a repair kit. It is currently locked in Science Lab #2, Lockbox #7, and is restricted to essential personnel only.

An hour later, a Kzem Ship appeared out of the Khitomer Wormhole. Understanding about Kzem and Starfleet conflict at the Delta Quadrant, I immediately reported this observation to the CO Skar-Machado. A few minutes later, red alert sounded off and all personnel was standing by at battle stations. Ensign Brice and I conducted a full diagnostic scan on our tricorders and is currently being calibrated.

In the meantime, we will conduct the protomatter research and will cooperate with operations to find out if there are any unexplainable phenomenon or interesting discoveries.

=A=Computer, end CSO log and save under TF Tarok=A=